EVN 60th anniversary

The Eurovision News Exchange, the first one of its kind, was agreed upon by European broadcasters and started on 28 September 1961.
The EVN has been operating continuously for the last 60 years, meeting every challenge since that day, as it continues doing it now, in a news environment moving ever faster. The Eurovision News Exchange linking since 1961 the newsrooms of public TV members, exchanges on average 120 news items a day and operates three channels for live news transmissions, covering events around Europe and the world.

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Press freedom

Press freedom preserves the freedom of expression, while it underpins other freedoms. It’s the watchdog that, when done right, drags into the open the dirty secrets of the rich, corrupt and and the powerful – the Panama papers and the latest Pandora papers bear witness to the skill of the rich and powerful to cover their tracks, but also of investigative journalists to follow their tracks and expose their crimes.
The only way to get high quality, accurate news and editorial content, is to keep paying for our media consumption – because it’s also the only way we can demand, as paying clients, quality and honesty in reporting.

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