Cannapride world wide

Recently, the word cannabis has been making many headlines worldwide. One of the main reasons is the current development in the EU, where three states are legalizing cannabis for recreational use – Malta, Luxemburg, and Germany. This means, among other things, that cannabis is getting legalized in 3 of 27 EU-member states that together have more than 80 million residents, equal to almost 20% of the EU:s total population. 

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​​Cheaper and faster: How the EU Commission wants to make cross-border train travel more attractive

There are two options to get more Europeans on the train and to fly less. Option number one: make flying less attractive. Option number two: make rail travel more attractive.

The history of railroads in Europe is the history of national railways and national railroad companies. Every country built up its own routes. Naturally, if the country was bigger, the distances were longer; if the country was small, the distances were short. There were few cross-border rails.

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