Cannapride world wide

Recently, the word cannabis has been making many headlines worldwide. One of the main reasons is the current development in the EU, where three states are legalizing cannabis for recreational use – Malta, Luxemburg, and Germany. This means, among other things, that cannabis is getting legalized in 3 of 27 EU-member states that together have more than 80 million residents, equal to almost 20% of the EU:s total population. 

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Anti-Corruption Day

The 9th of December is international anti-corruption day.  The 2021 International Anti-Corruption Day seeks to highlight the rights and responsibilities of everyone – including States, government officials, civil servants, law enforcement officers, media representatives, the private sector, civil society, academia, the public, and youth – in tackling corruption.

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Athens as an “illiberal democracy” – populist governance during antiquity

By Vladan Lausevic

Something many people can recognise from history lessons in primary schools: The case of Athens as a democratic city-state is recognised as the first institutionalised democracy in human history.

However, Athens was also an example of a populist government without ruleoflaw and human rights.

What are the similarities and differences when compared to modern liberal/constitutional democracies as in the EU ?

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