V4 where are you heading?

By Martina Bednar

Western Europe is often looking on by the member states which joined after 2004 with concerns and also prior to that with some level of skepticism, due to historical and cultural differences. However, this makes also Europe so different. A continent which was fighting each other for centuries trying to unite despite of all economic and cultural differences.

But where is the Visegard 4 (Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) heading?

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Central Europe, The EU and myself (remember the future)

By Máté Bozóky

“Today is 23rd October 2089. I’m 88 years old. I am looking at the raising flags of Hungary and the European Union from my room’s window on Kossuth Square, in Budapest. I haven’t thought that I would be living on the 100th anniversary of the political changeover, but here I am to tell you a story, our story.”

Máté Bozóky won with this essay a competition organised by the European Hungarian Society and it was published in NÉPSZAVA, the biggest Hungarian newspaper.

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Athens as an “illiberal democracy” – populist governance during antiquity

By Vladan Lausevic

Something many people can recognise from history lessons in primary schools: The case of Athens as a democratic city-state is recognised as the first institutionalised democracy in human history.

However, Athens was also an example of a populist government without ruleoflaw and human rights.

What are the similarities and differences when compared to modern liberal/constitutional democracies as in the EU ?

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