European Liberals for Reform is a group of liberal and democratic individuals who wish to reform European politics and liberal politics in such a way that it benefits all of us. We care for more transparency, more democracy, more freedom, more efficiency and more efficacy. European Liberals for Reform is inclusive to all those of good will and who support this vision.

Our story:

The four “founding fathers and mother” of the European Liberals for Reform, namely Guillermo Passas Varo, Carlos Gomez Arnemann, Ben Burgers and Theresa Zettl are all ALDE Individual members, a pan-European party of liberal democrats, where they met online and shared the same visions about how a liberal organisation should actually look like and be led.

In May, 2021 Guille laid together with Carlos the brickstone for European Liberals for Reform Caucus by creating a facebook group, gathering ALDE Individual members and Liberal Associates who were fed up with the mismanagement of the current Steering Committee (2019-2021).
Very soon, Ben and Theresa followed Guille’s vision and supported him with ideas. Whereas Ben took the lead in software programming and writing the Manifesto of the European Liberals together with many interested European Liberals who contributed with suggestions, Theresa took over the setting up of further Social Media platforms, this blog, weekly group meetings and online event planning. In June, 2021, the facebook page European Liberals for Reform has been established as well as this blog.

Meanwhile we have gathered many members who want to actively participate in reforming Europe! European Liberals for Reform stand for direct participation of their members and transparency about their workflow!


Guillermo Passas Varo,
founder of “European Liberals for Reform”
Based in Spain

Carlos Gomez Arnemann
founder of “European Liberals for Reform”
President of BETA Europe
Based in Spain

Ben Burgers,
founder of “European Liberals for Reform”
software engineer
Based in the Netherlands

Theresa Zettl,
founder of “European Liberals for Reform”
Social Media and Digital Marketing expert
Based in Germany

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