About this working group:

Our working group Digital Transformation is about modernizing and improving processes through technology empowering the citizens, increasing their participation and changing the mindset. We will focus on e-Government, e-Democracy, e-Health and the digital divide. As Digital Transformation initiatives often reshape ways to work, job titles, and longtime established processes, we need to be aware of the advantages and risks, in order to fight the fear of changes and define and smooth transition by creating new capabilities and skills that didn’t exist before. 

You should join this working group, because these digital transformation process affect all areas of your personal and professional life and our democracy. We need to reach the future at a faster pace because only with innovation, we can increase the productivity, the prosperity and the well-being for all EU citizens.

What is the aim of this working group in the long run?

The main goal is to advocate for more digitization and e-government. It’s very important to reduce the Digital Exclusion, also known as the digital divide and close the gap between those able to benefit from the digital age and those who are not. Help to reduce the info-exclusion, creating equal opportunities and taking full advantage and embrace the digital transformation process.

About our working group chairperson Hélder Alvares:

As an Information Systems Engineer I had been working on digital conversion projects for different industries since the beginning of my career. My aim is to create awareness of the advantages of getting deeper on digital transformation on many levels.

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please send an email with your contact details to: wg-digital-transformation@elfr.eu and Hélder Alvares will come back to you as soon as possible. Please put workinggroups@elfr.eu in CC. We are looking forward to your contribution!

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