About this working group:

Our working group Media & Public Service Media intends to deal with media, with a particular attention to the role of public service broadcasting. We do not intend to limit the discussion to EU media, because all media – including the hyperlocal ones – are interconnected and interdependent, whether through ownership or the global social media.

Within this context, we will look at the challenges facing public broadcasters (TV and radio), as they face accusations from all sides: whether from private competitors (e.g. News International vs. BBC and Ch4 in the UK), governments trying to exert influence on the editorial line of media or, worse, governments managing to gain nearly total control over the media (e.g. Hungary, Poland, etc).

When talking about media, we cannot forget social media and the countless daily challenges raised by disinformation and cultural wars. The subject is vast and the main challenge will be limiting the scope of the discussion.

What is the aim of this working group in the long run?

At the moment, the main challenge for quality media and public broadcasters is the need to stay relevant and credible, as they face the competition of and onslaught of disinformation through social media. If this working group can identify the challenges and come up with policy and action proposals, it will have done its job.

About our working group chairperson Piotr Azia:

I started my career as foreign correspondent for Polish (émigré) newspapers from Italy, then I worked for international relations at RAI, the Italian public broadcaster. I joined the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) in 1974, working for the Eurovision News Exchange until my retirement. My work involved editorial, technical and administrative aspects, it was fast-paced and varied. During this time I witnessed the European public service broadcasters evolving from lumbering, bureaucratic machines to large, but nimble-footed organisations, waging a daily battle against private competitors.

I am Polish-Italian, I live in Switzerland and Spain and I find national borders too tight and limiting, my real nationality is European.

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please send an email with your contact details to: wg-media-and-public-service-media@elfr.eu and Piotr Azia will come back to you as soon as possible. Please put workinggroups@elfr.eu in CC. We are looking forward to your contribution!

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