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What are the chances and advantages of basic income in Europe?

Basic income is an old but still a “radical” idea of governments providing individuals with direct money instead of welfare programs as benefits, coupon or food. It is also an idea of social change when it comes to working ethics, human self-development and climate-friendly economic and social life. Basic income has been highlighted during recent years because of the public experiment in Finland 2017-2019, for the first time at the national level in history.

Ideas of basic income connect people from left to right in politics and because of recent development as the Covid-19 pandemic interest in and support for basic income has increased globally. Historically, basic income is also an idea connected to liberal ideology with thinkers as Thomas Paine and Milton Friedman who have advocated basic public support in order to handle poverty and social exclusion.

Vladan Lausevic is a member of the Unconditional Basic Income Europe network ( He has written several articles in Swedish and English on the topic of basic income, including from a liberal perspective due to his earlier political activism as in ALDE. He argues that the current welfare systems as in Sweden are too bureaucratic, expensive and often benefiting already wealthy citizens rather than being more efficient and sustainable in relation to post-industrial development.

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