Two years ago, everyone’s world was normal. We enjoyed going to pubs and restaurants, spending time with our friends and family, visiting our parents and grandparents and going to work or university. Then a new virus appeared, that turned from an epidemic in China into a global pandemic and set the entire world and our life as we were used to it, on fire.

Masks, disinfectant, and social distancing

All sudden, we were faced with constantly using masks and disinfectants, not being able to see our parents or grandparents, because we did not want to spread the virus to their home. Working and studying in home office and homeschooling children at the same time became a daily challenge for working parents. We realized how much we rely on fast internet, seeing and hugging our friends in real life and sitting in our restaurant enjoying a fancy meal. Heck, we did not even cherish in the past how nice it was that toilet paper has been available in stores, whenever we needed it. All of this – gone. Due to a stupid virus.

What if…

…the virus showed us, what really matters in life? I am not talking about fast internet or toilet paper, but more about awareness for one self’s needs. Time to yourself, as you could not meet anyone due to social distancing and lockdowns. Time to finally read the book that has been waiting on your shelf for several months already. Time to realize, how much real contact with your parents, grandparents and other family members really matters to you.

The situation now is different than a year ago

COVID-19 vaccines have been a game changer. We still use masks, disinfectants, and our distance, but being vaccinated means we got some of our old life back. We are able to go into restaurants and bars again. We get to visit our grandparents in elderly homes or at their home again. We can go back to our workplace and university and are allowed to travel abroad. Restrictions have been eased – but at what price? Infection numbers and hospitalization numbers start rising again. Variants are being spread.

Is this the new normal?

As long as Covid-19 and its variants exist, will the new normal look like we need to be vaccinated twice a year? Will the new normal look like we get loose pandemic restrictions in late spring and summer months, but we will be locked down at home in autumn and winter? Will the new normal make our children stay home for schooling while we as parents must do a balancing act between schooling and work at home? I am not sure. But it is up to each one of us, if we have to deal with a new normal or if we can get our pre-Covid life back. Maybe we should all aim for the latter. Together. Nationwide, Europewide, Worldwide.

Post-Covid-19 Perspective – Will there be a new normal?
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3 thoughts on “Post-Covid-19 Perspective – Will there be a new normal?

  1. I believe that if we are going to stop all those so called rules and regulations in one time, then the we can have a restart of the pandemics because people are going to ignore the rules and regulations

    1. Thanks for comment Danny! I personally think that we in Central Europe will face another Covid-19 wave in late September/October with lockdowns and homeschooling all over again…

  2. In Belgium, we have a doctor who calls De Gucht and is a member of the council of advisors in the federal government and declares that there will be a 4th covid 19 wave in a very short period of time

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