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I live in the beautiful Landkreis Passau in South-East Germany, which has turned in very little time into the biggest Covid-19 hotspot in Germany. And I am sick of it. I am sick of people who do not care, that even when they believe Covid-19 is the biggest hoax by the NWO or governments all over the globe, they have a responsibility towards their fellow human beings. Towards people, who cannot get vaccinated due to their medical condition. Towards children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated yet to be protected due to the lack of vaccine approval. Towards medical staff who are completely worn out in these 20 months of this pandemic, saving the life of people who rather take veterinary medicine for horses to fight worms than getting a safe vaccine to protect themselves from Covid-19. (No fake story: an Austrian politician of the right-wing party FPÖ has suggested taking Ivomectin: read more here.)

Exploding Covid-19 infections numbers in Landkreis Passau

As you can see the incidence has risen massively in only 5 days by 475,5. But why?

  • We are a border region to Austria and the Czech Republic. Austria has a 7 day incidence per 100.000 inhabitants of 1064, Czechia has 933. (as at 21.11.2021). We have people crossing the borders for work and for visiting family potentially spreading the virus particularly in this area.
  • A rather low vaccination rate compared to entire Germany. Whereas Germany has a vaccination rate of 70,5 % having received their first COVID-19 dose and 68% being fully vaccinated, the Landkreis Passau has only a vaccination rate of 63% (Source: Landratsamt Passau).
  • A rather low acceptance of COVID-19 measures. There has been a comparison in the news lately, that counties with a high voting result for the right-wing populist party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) have rather high COVID-19 incidences.

Lockdowns for unvaccinated people in the state of Bavaria

Bars and clubs close, Christmas markets cancelled: Bavaria has drastically tightened its Corona measures. In districts with an incidence of over 1000, a lockdown will be imposed, Prime Minister Söder declared.

Bavaria has cancelled all Christmas markets due to the dramatic Corona situation in the state. In addition, clubs, bars and all night catering will be closed again. This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) after a meeting of his cabinet in Munich. The reason given by the head of government was that action had to be taken where there were the most infections.

These closures apply nationwide. Accordingly, the state government wants to exempt trade from the 2G (=vaccinated or recovered from a Covid-19 infection) rule, but limit the number of customers to one per ten square metres. In addition, a curfew from 10 p.m. is to be introduced for the catering industry.

Lockdowns in districts with an incidence of over 1000

Bavaria also imposes a lockdown on districts with a corona incidence of over 1000 starting on Wednesday, 24.11.2021. “Everything has to be closed down here,” said Söder. Public life is to be shut down in wide areas there: Gastronomy, sports and cultural events as well as body-related services will be banned, the prime minister said. Exceptions will be made for day-care centres, schools and trade. In retail, one customer per 20 square metres will be allowed in these districts. Nursing homes would be subject to mandatory testing before entry.

The lockdown measures are to apply until mid-December. As at today (21.11.2021), nine Bavarian counties have an incidence above 1000, but Söder said he expects an increase here. The cabinet’s resolutions are to be introduced to the Landtag on Tuesday, where they will be decided.

In my point of view, the lockdown in our area is coming far too late!

But why again lockdowns?

Actually before the Bundestagswahl in September, all politicians said there won’t be any lockdowns anymore. However, in September, incidence all over Bavaria increased already. It was more or less ignored due to the campaigning for the Bundestagswahl. Now, clinics are collapsing in our area. Surgeries, that are not seen as urgent, are being postponed, to hold the ICU beds unoccupied for Covid patients. Some clinics in Bavaria are already practicing triage – where the decision which patients get an ICU bed or being hooked up to a ventilator is made by the chances of survival. Here, it does not matter if the patient is vaccinated or unvaccinated. But take a guess: If a 27 year old unvaccinated person and a vaccinated 85 year old are “competing” for a bed in the ICU, who do you think will most likely get it?

Hospital staff, doctors as nurses are at their limits – physical and emotional, while thousands of people go to the streets, with no masks, no distance to each other to demonstrate against the Covid-19 measures.

Covidiots & Anti-vaxxers marches

While people are dying, family hoping for the family members being ventilated, Covidiots and Anti-vaxxers are sharing their conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccines and horror stories like “the grandfather of the uncle of my aunts her brothers dog got vaccinated and died the next day”. Sometimes, to be quite honest, I wish we were back in the time of the Spanish flu in 1918, where people could not use Social Media and the Youtube Academy to spread their fake stories. Sometimes I do wonder, whether it is best to delete my Social Media to not read comparisons of the vaccination with the atrocities of the Holocaust or rape, spread by people who do not believe in science:

How do people even dare to make these comparisons?

As unvaccinated person, you have it your hands to take responsibility for your own life and the people around you. If you don’t want to take a Tetanus shot, this is your call, as you cannot infect other people with the disease. But with the Covid-19 vaccine, you do not only protect yourself, but also other people around you – in shopping malls, in the movies, in restaurants, at home. You as unvaccinated person can take this decision to keep other people safe.

Victims of rape, or the jews facing the genocide of the Shoa did not have a decision. Their decision has been taken by their perpetrators. They were tortured, they suffered, and eventually the people died. They were innocent, but their lives and the lives of their families were destroyed. Nothing and I clearly state here, nothing is ever be legitimated to be compared to the atrocities of the Holocaust. And neither is the comparison of a mandatory vaccination with forced rape. It is offensive to every person who has experienced the cruelty of a rape and the physical and emotional pain years after it happened. The statement above is clearly victim-mocking and far from any respect.

I am triple-vaccinated, and I am more than glad that I can actively participate in stopping the pandemic. That I am able to most likely not going to occupy an ICU bed and that I will not turn into an additional burden for the nurses. That I can protect people who cannot get vaccinated due to their medical history. That I can protect children, who cannot be protected by a vaccine yet. That I can protect my own family.

Get yourself vaccinated and take actively part in breaking the COVID-19 infection wave!

The neverending story of Covid-19, lockdowns and Covidiots
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