Group leader: Piotr Azia

Culture is one our most distinctive features, what differentiates Europe from the rest of the world. For those who look for ways to feel offended: it doesn’t mean better or worse than other cultures – just very distinctive, unique.

Culture is also what Europeans have in common, even if they don’t realise it. Each Europan, whatever the nationality or upbringing, can recognise herself/himself in at least one of our cultural manifestations: whether it’s music, painting, sculpture, architecture, film or literature – we have a minimum common denominator in culture, including the popular one.

Celebrating our common cultural roots is not against other cultures or civilisations, quite the opposite. Some of our greatest monuments are at the crossroads of civilisations, like the Alhambra in Granada, the Sevilla cathedral or the Cordoba Mezquita.

Should food be part of the remit of this group? As much as I love (and enjoy) our culinary heritage, I don’t think that food belongs with the arts mentioned above, I rather think that it deserves its own group, which I would be glad to join – but I am open minded on the subject.

I would think that occasional blog entries on European culture, webinars and Facebook posts would be an adequate way of running the group – but, ultimately, members of the group will define its direction.

The aim of this group is to appreciate, discuss, promote and, most importantly, find ways of protecting our common heritage, so that it can be enjoyed by humanity, for centuries to come.

For updates and discussion visit our Facebook group:

WG European Culture

Piotr Azia

Piotr Azia, Polish-Italian, I feel more European than anything else. My contributions range from the media to culture, the environment and geopolitics – and any subject that may merit discussing from a liberal point of view. I also organise ELfR webinars – get in touch if you have a subject you’d like to discuss or see included in future

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