About this working group:

Our working group “Women in Politics” is about empowering women in every field, including finance, defence, culture, law, infrastructure, engineering, transport and business.

Despite the fact, that the number of women raised recently in politics, it is still not even 7%, while women have the potential to accomplish and transform the theory into the result very professionally. We need more women in politics and in decision making process.

What is the main goal of this working group?

We aim to make women aware about women input and results in politics and how we can make it more. Our purpose is to help each other to empower women in politics, their role in politics and plan how we can support each other in every way to push each other to be candidates and how to support them to win the elections to take part in decision making process. The power that women have, is extremely strong and it has to be applied. We have to empower each other and involve men to support women empowerment in politics and decision-making processes.

About our working group chairperson Lianna Meelker-Amirkhanyan:

I am a working mom of two and  a wife and it has been already 7 years I am involved in politics. Besides politics, I have my own business and I coach working women, how to manage their time to be successful, including how to become more powerful. My aim is “making women more powerful and successful”, as I do really understand people, I do know what motivates them and how I can support them to apply their strong points. I speak 5 languages and my slogan is “The smarter and harder you work, the more successful you are”.

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please send an email with your contact details to: women-in-politics@elfr.eu and Lianna Meelker-Amirkhanyan will come back to you as soon as possible. Please put workinggroups@elfr.eu in CC. We are looking forward to your contribution!

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